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地狱、天堂、涅槃 Hell , Heaven , Nibbana

2014-03-26  [隆波田禅师]

  1-1-2. HELL , HEAVEN , NIBBANA地狱、天堂、涅槃

  Everybody wants to go to heaven isn't it ? I'll point out the doors of heaven: the first door is the eye, the eye that sees beautiful forms, and like and satisfaction arise. The second door is the ear that hears melodious sounds and satisfaction and fulfillment are born. The third door is the nose that smells fragrant odors and loves them. The fourth door is the tongue that tastes delicious flavors and is pleased with them. The fifth door is the body that contacts agreeable sensations and goes for them. The sixth door is the mind that thinks about pleasurable things that are not immoral and delight arises. Heaven does not exist in different levels in the sky ; heaven exists within us.


  The doors of hell also exist within us, at the eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind. But instead of experiencing beautiful, good or delicious things, one experiences objects that are not beautiful, not good and not delicious, which make one feel dissatisfied, angry, hateful, resentful, sad, disappointed and unhappy - one falls in hell. We can see that both heaven and hell come together in one point, namely the mind. When we observe the mind, we'll really see heaven and hell.


  Nibbana is also to be found there, in the mind.There is an old saying that heaven is in the heart, hell is in the mind and Nibbana is within. We've heard it, we can remember it and say it but we haven't found it through our own skillful means. So we just talk according to texts, following others, we can't speak of things that arise at our own minds. And that's why we're not able to truly have the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha as refuge. So we cannot be counted as disciples of the Buddha. We are only just registered Buddhists, not genuine Buddhists. Real Buddhists have to really practice according to the Teacher's instructions to befit the saying : 'Give up your wealth in order to maintain your limbs, give up your limbs in order to maintain your life, give up your life in order to maintain the Truth'.


  Most people only practice the first two parts ; they go to see the doctor when sick and pay the doctor to look after their limbs. If the doctor says it is cancer and a limb needs to be cut off, they would go along with it for the sake of life. But is there anyone here who is willing to give up one's life for the Truth ? It means that it is better to die than doing something which is wrong according to the Buddhist teachings. As for myself, I'd rather die. May the Dhamma return to people's hearts ! Real Buddhists should be like this.


  Nibbana translates as the normal mind, peaceful and cool, not flowing with feelings of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. One with a mind like this is called one who has virtue and Dhamma.


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